DIY – fabric diary cover

January 2, 2013 at 8:03 am Leave a comment

With the advent of the new year, I’ve made another fabric diary cover – but not the double-sided tape number I had for 2012. This time I created a book cover like the ones my Mum used to make for my exercise books at school.

It was so quick and easy to make I thought I’d share it. I would recommend using a hardcover diary or notebook with a spiral spine for this project.

First place the diary open on the fabric and using a pencil on the wrong side of the fabric draw a guide line for cutting, allowing 2cm at the top and bottom, and 6cm on the left and right. Drawing a guide line makes it really easy to cut the fabric out straight without taking the time to create a paper pattern.

Diary cover1

Next, pin a hem around all edges of the fabric – folding the fabric over 0.5cm and then 1cm.

Diary cover2

I hemmed the top and bottom, then did the sides separately, but you could pin and sew all sides at once if you wanted to.

Diary cover3

I sewed the hems just less than 1cm away from the edge of the fabric.

Diary cover4

Once all sides are hemmed, fold the fabric over your diary and tuck the extra bits on the left and the right over the front and back covers by an equal amount – for my project this was about 3cm, but this will vary depending on the thickness of your diary. Pinch the fabric to make a fold or measure the amount that you’ve folded inside the diary.

Two things to note here. It’s important to do this step with the diary closed – if the diary is open, there won’t be enough ‘give’ in your cover for the diary to close properly. Also, at this point it looks like you’ve made the cover too large as it hangs over the top and bottom. Don’t worry – this isn’t a mistake! The extra length is so you can sew flaps to tuck the diary into.

Diary cover5

Pin the fabric where you folded it to create the two flaps that you’ll tuck the front and back covers into.

Diary cover6

Once you’ve pinned the flaps, pop the diary inside to make sure you’ve got a snug fit.

Diary cover7

Next, sew where you’ve pinned. For my project, this was about 0.5cm away from the edge of the fabric.

Diary cover8

Taaadaaa! Your diary cover is done.

Diary cover9


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