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Geisha girl

Last weekend I dropped in to the Heiser Gallery in the Valley to check out their current group exhibition featuring the likes of Reg Mombassa, Jeff Raglus and Robert Moore. Among my favourite pieces was this geisha girl by Stephen Mok, but of course she was already sold!



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A room of unimagined treasures

With Christmas and the next GOMA market fast approaching, I’ve been looking for some inspiration for a couple of new cushion designs to add to my menagerie. It got me thinking of how varied my tastes have become when it comes to textiles…

While I like the idea of nice, neat matching cushions, I’m also a big fan of lots of mismatched soft furnishings with the theme of abundance – especially when it comes to colour! This reminded me of one of my favourite artists and his approach, which appeals to the hoarder in me.

British artist Mark Hearld’s most recent exhibition was influenced by a short story called The Lumber Room, by Saki, which was read to him in an English class when he was 15. As Mark explains:

“Since I heard Saki’s story I have always been intrigued by the idea of a locked room that contained treasures so wonderful they are beyond what your mind can imagine. In this exhibition I wanted to create the sense of excitement and wonder that you get when you discover the key to the room and see the ‘forbidden’ objects for the first time.”

Food for thought…

Mark Hearld artwork

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The view from here

Last weekend I popped in to the Heiser Gallery in Fortitude Valley to see the latest exhibition by Brisbane artist Maureen Hansen. Miss Maudie has such a great eye for capturing the Brisbane landscape in all its glory – including this lovely view from my side of town, View From Red Hill Car Park.

Maureen Hansen View From Red Hill Car ParkImage courtesy of Heiser Gallery.

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Feeling blue

If you’re into ceramics, lovely ladies and the colour blue, head along to the Blue exhibition at Paper Boat Press Gallery at Ashgrove. You’ll see all of the above in a group show featuring gallery owner Kylie Johnson and other ceramicists from far and near including local favourites Sharon Muir and Clairy Laurence – all responding to the colour and the word ‘blue’.

Blue exhibition at paperboatpress gallery

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Even more Japanese embroidery inspiration

I’ve been meaning to take some pictures of this lovely Japanese embroidery book to show you for a while. Nothing like the holidays for taking stock and remembering all those things that didn’t quite make it to the to-do list…

Atsumi Japanese embroidery book

This book doesn’t have a particular theme, but there’s a lot of beautiful satin stitch and detailed close-up photos, along with outline drawings for all the works.

Atsumi Japanese embroidery book

Plenty of inspiration – I always love anatomical hearts!

Atsumi Japanese embroidery book

And there are also heaps of examples of creative lettering, like this one. Very pretty!

Atsumi Japanese embroidery book

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Weirdos unite

In a previous life I spent just about every waking hour out and about at local gigs and I’ve had the absolute pleasure of seeing irreverent Brisbane genre-hoppers Regurgitator many a time. They’re such a fun band – you can’t see them and not be infected by how good a time they look like they’re having onstage!

Last week the band’s Ben Ely opened his first solo art show, Weirdo, and I can happily report it has that same wonderful sense of playfulness. Here’s a taste of Ben’s show, which is on at Lust for Life Tattoo on Wickham Street, Fortitude Valley until 31 January 2015.

One of my favourite pieces, which from memory was called Dancing Dead II.

Ben Ely Dancing Dead II

Love, love, love this Cheap Thrills sign!!!

Ben Ely Cheap Thrills

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A very special lady

Today’s feature artist is Clairy Laurence, who will be bringing a multitude of her extraordinary sculptures to the QAGOMA Christmas Design Market this Saturday. At the last market, Clairy’s stall was next to mine and we had a fun day talking about all sorts of things including our mutual obsession with vintage barkcloth!

You may be familiar with some of Clairy’s vegetable ceramics (including her signature cabbage bowls and vases), but lately she’s been focusing on some very special ladies. I especially love this cactus girl! So beautiful! You can see more of Clairy’s work here.

Pareidolia Ceramics sculpture

Pareidolia Ceramics sculpture

Images courtesy of the lovely Clairy Laurence.

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Happy faces

This week I’m going to be featuring some of my favourite stallholders from this year’s QAGOMA Christmas Design Market – on this Saturday 29 November from 9am to 4pm outside the Gallery of Modern Art at South Brisbane.

Today it’s the delightful Belinda Stanton – the Brisbane-based artist and designer behind Belinism – and her amazing ceramic sculptures and useable art. I love the expressions on her little people – so happy!

You can see more of Belinism at this Saturday’ market or via her Facebook page or the Belinism blog.

Belinism sculpture

Image courtesy of Belinism.

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Out and about in Melbourne

While we do still have some amazing old buildings in Brisbane, we have nothing like what you can see out and about in Melbourne. There’s lots of interesting street art as well, like this piece we came across in St Kilda. I keep seeing new elements every time I look at this one!

Melbourne graffiti art

On Sunday we saw the Hitchcock classic North by Northwest in this lovely old theatre on the border of St Kilda and Windsor, complete with musty leather seats and peeling plaster. I think if we lived in Melbourne we’d be spending quite a bit of time at the Astor, as they have an extensive program of classic movies!

Astor Cinema St Kilda

Earlier in the day we’d seen a Hong Kong action movie (yes, two movies in one day – there are no rules on holiday!) in another amazing old building that had been converted into a cinema, Melbourne Central City Cinema on Swanston Street in the CBD – where a very sci-fi structure has been built around an old factory.

Melbourne Central City Cinema

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Fashion as art, art as fashion

On my adventures in Melbourne, I spent an afternoon at the Jean Paul Gaultier exhibition at the National Gallery of Victoria. If you love JPG’s work you’ll love this show as it covers the full spectrum of his designs. Even if you only go to appreciate the amazing craftsmanship that goes into haute couture, there’s plenty to see – the didactics next to most garments detail how long each took to create, with most clocking in at 150 to 200 hours!

Jean Paul Gaultier at National Gallery of Victoria

There are plenty of signature stripes…

Jean Paul Gaultier signature stripes

And plenty of corsets and star power – including this one created for Madonna’s Blonde Ambition tour in 1990.

Jean Paul Gaultier Madonna bustier

This garment was truly spectacular – a velvet cone bra dress in the most divine shimmering pink velvet!

Jean Paul Gaultier velvet cone bra dress

A selection from JPG’s punk collection…

Jean Paul Gaultier punk collection

This dress was aptly called ‘The Bride’, from the 2004 Tribute to Africa collection. Wow!

Jean Paul Gaultier tribute to Africa collection

Near the end is a selection of frocks made for famous Australians, including this lovely cornflower blue silk jersey number that Cate Blanchett wore to the Golden Globe Awards in 2005.

Jean Paul Gaultier Cate Blanchett dress

This one from the 2012 Tribute to Amy Winehouse collection also caught my eye – probably all that bright embroidery! It’s quite a show and well worth making the time to go along if you can.

Jean Paul Gaultier tribute to Amy Winehouse collection

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