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A little reward

Every once in a while, you need a little reward… so I got another Japanese embroidery book!

Japanese floral embroidery book

There was a time when I was obsessed with ladybugs…

Japanese floral embroidery book

Love these daisies – so simple and sweet.

Japanese floral embroidery book

And these random shapes are pretty eye-catching!

Japanese floral embroidery book


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Even more Japanese embroidery inspiration

I’ve been meaning to take some pictures of this lovely Japanese embroidery book to show you for a while. Nothing like the holidays for taking stock and remembering all those things that didn’t quite make it to the to-do list…

Atsumi Japanese embroidery book

This book doesn’t have a particular theme, but there’s a lot of beautiful satin stitch and detailed close-up photos, along with outline drawings for all the works.

Atsumi Japanese embroidery book

Plenty of inspiration – I always love anatomical hearts!

Atsumi Japanese embroidery book

And there are also heaps of examples of creative lettering, like this one. Very pretty!

Atsumi Japanese embroidery book

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Two colours are better than one

I was a big fan of Japanese embroidery maestro Yumiko Higuchi‘s One Colour Embroidery book and I’m very excited to report that her new book, Two Colour Embroidery, is even better! It’s testament to the amazing things you can do with needle and thread – and a very simple concept.

Two Colour Embroidery book

Pears! Such a simple design, but so effective.

Two Colour Embroidery book

Zebras! Too cute!

Two Colour Embroidery book

And this image shows Yumiko Higuchi’s extraordinary way with French knots…

Two Colour Embroidery book

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Folk fusion

Mr A recently came across this book for me on European folk fabric design and dress – part of the Pepin Press series on fashion, textiles and patterns. It’s an A4 sized collection with heaps of bright photos of fabric and embroidery designs from central and south-eastern Europe.

European folk book

The historical photos are great – alongside close-ups of similar embroidery designs, they reinforce just how much work went into some of these garments.

European folk book

The book also includes a disc of images and patterns, including these elaborate redwork and blackwork examples, so you can print them out and try them yourself.

European folk book

I’m a big fan of crewel embroidery and there are plenty of examples included in this book too. Fun for hours!

European folk book

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I Used to Skate Once 10

Last Thursday marked the 10th anniversary of our friend Matt Brady’s annual I Used To Skate Once exhibition, which has become a bit of an institution here in Brisbane. We spent a great night at The Zoo surrounded by art and LOTS of people.

My beer-drinking, meat-eating Scandinavian girl from last year got another showing – and now she’s off to a new home!

Touch Wood Design embroidered skateboard

Here’s Mr A‘s inclusion – I know I get to see his work up close and personal all the time, but it never ceases to amaze me. I mean, how do you carve letters so neatly?!

Alex Gillies carved skateboard

My favourite board of the whole show was by artist and all-round champion gentleman Mr Robert Moore.

Robert Moore skateboard art

And I always have a soft spot for anything by Stephen Mok. His crocodile is too cute!

Stephen Mok skateboard art

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Homemade goodness

Regular readers will know how much I love crewel embroidery and this retro design by Texan embroiderer Betty Crafter ticks all the boxes – lovely lettering, great colours and perfect sentiment! You can find more of her kits in the Betty Crafter Etsy shop and on the Betty Crafter blog (which is wonderfully subtitled “A Vintage Obsessitorium”).

Happiness is Homemade embroidery kit by Betty Crafter

Image courtesy of Betty Crafter.

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Just one colour

If you love Japanese embroidery, then drop everything and buy this book! Regular readers will know I’m quite partial to this sort of thing, but this collection of embroidery projects from the amazing Yumiko Higuchi is even better than I expected.

Yumiko Higuchi embroidery book

From Japanese publishing house Bunka, One Colour Embroidery is 95 pages of beautifully photographed embroidery.

Yumiko Higuchi embroidery book

All projects are accompanied by easy-to-follow designs and basic embroidery stitch instructions – so you don’t need to know a single character of Japanese.

Yumiko Higuchi embroidery book

There are even a few designs that could be applied to Yumiko Higuchi’s trademark purses. Just lovely!

Yumiko Higuchi embroidery book

You can find more images from this book on Etsy – just do a search on the book title, One Colour Embroidery.

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Spectacular spectacles

Check out these amazing spectacle frames! From what I can gather they’re by a British designer called Chloe McCormick, who has taken tapestry to a whole new level…

Chloe McCormick spectacle frames

Here’s the side view. I don’t think I’m kooky enough to pull them off, but I can certainly admire the skill that’s gone into creating these!

Chloe McCormick spectacle frames

Images courtesy of Eye Wear Glasses.

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Scandi bird #6

Here’s the latest Scandi bird… And while there is still a month until the QAGOMA Christmas Design Market, that might have to be it for my linen bird sculptures because there are a bazillion ideas for new stamp cushion designs in my head and I’d like to get at least some of them out and made.

Scandinavian embroidered bird

Scandi bird #6 was fun to make though – taking a simple sashiko star concept and highlighting it with rows of contrasting colour.

Scandinavian embroidered bird close-up

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Scandi bird #5

Electric blue was the starting point for Scandi bird #5, but it wasn’t long before bright orange and spring green joined the mix. Yep, this one’s my new favourite!

Scandi bird #5

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