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Fabric find: Super speedway racecars

After making my first little boy’s shirt in about 25 years (yes, really) now I want to make another one! So I’m on the hunt for some car fabric… I’m loving this Robert Kaufmann racing cars print, but please let me know if you’ve seen something else that would bring a smile to a car-obsessed little fellow’s face!

Race car fabric


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Fabric find: Planes, trains and automobiles

My latest fabric find is part of the Windham Fabrics ‘Planes, trains and automobiles’ series and, like most good things in the fabric world, seems to be out of print. Lucky me – I have just enough to make a skirt… when I get around to it, that is!

Planes trains and automobiles fabric

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Best of 2014

Oh my, didn’t this year go by quickly?! I’ve been taking some time out this week to reflect on what was an incredibly productive year and remembering a few of my favourite things…

Top 10 fabric finds

1. Boomerang beat barkcloth in black

Boomerang beat fabric in black

2. Orange kisu barkcloth

3. Abstract flowers barkcloth

4. Polar bears linen

5. Japanese ovals cotton

6. Boomerang beat barkcloth in pink

7. Kokka blue flowers linen

8. Pink birds barkcloth

9. Boomerang barkcloth in bronze

10. Tiki barkcloth


Top 5 vintage sewing patterns

Here are my favourites from Saturday Special this year.

1. Vogue 7229 – I had been stalking this pattern for a while and finally came across a copy! It’s very Agent 99 (from Maxwell Smart)!

Vogue 7229 vintage sewing pattern

2. Simplicity 3927

3. Simplicity 4609

4. Simplicity 4083

5. Simplicity 8119


Top 5 most popular cushions

1. Vintage boomerangs barkcloth in yellow cushion – so glad I decided to back this one in yellow – it’s such a happy colour!

Vintage boomerang barkcloth cushions

2. Japanese cherry blossoms stamp cushion

3. Guitars and boomerangs barkcloth cushion

4. Canadian moose stamp cushion

5. Pin-up cowboys cushion


Top 5 albums

My favourite 2015 releases to sew to.

1. First Aid Kit – Stay Gold – these Swedish sisters carved a path to my heart pretty quickly!

2. Interpol – El Pintor – this one turned out to be a grower (and how could you go past a song about cruising in an Oldsmobile?).

3. Dum Dum Girls – Too True – sometimes you need a little bit of 80s-style pop.

4. Rob Snarski – Wounded Bird – the perfect Sunday afternoon record from the Blackeyed Susans’ songwriting maestro.

5. The Roots – …And Then You Shoot Your Cousin – yep, I sew on Saturday nights too!


Thanks for all your support in 2014. I hope your 2015 is everything you’d like it to be!

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A new lease on life

A couple of weeks ago when I had my hot rod adventure out at Aratula I met a lovely lady who was selling her vintage sewing pattern collection… I really hit the jackpot there (and I suspect you’ll be seeing those over the next 18 months or so in Saturday Special posts!) and I also had the privilege of paying her a visit yesterday to go through more patterns and help her destash other sewing supplies too. These lovely winter woollens from the 1960s came home with me.

Woollen fabric

And here’s just a small selection of the vintage cotton reels I scored as well! I’m always happy to give old treasures a new lease on life and to meet such a delightful soul in the process was a real inspiration.

Vintage cotton reels

October 26, 2014 at 4:53 pm 1 comment

Fabric find: Orange kisu barkcloth

Another lovely Japanese fabric to show off – this time it’s a lightweight barkcloth featuring cherry blossoms. It’s actually quite a large-scale pattern, with each of the cream-based flowers about four inches across. The mint spots are a nice touch too, don’t you think?

Japanese fabric with blossoms

August 27, 2014 at 8:41 am 1 comment

Fabric find: Kokka blue flowers

Another one of the Japanese fabrics in my stash for an upcoming project… This one is a Kokka linen canvas from the early 2000s, now well and truly out of print. I’m thinking of backing this one in a matching bright blue velvet, in keeping with the Kokka company’s motto, which I’ve just discovered is “delightful and rich”!

Kokka blue flowers fabric

August 13, 2014 at 7:58 am 5 comments

Fabric find: Japanese ovals

I’ve been expanding my stash of Japanese fabrics in preparation for a major upcoming project and this Japanese linen is one of my new favourites – so much so that I have it in three colourways! I love the simple design, the natural base and the abundance of colour, which gives me plenty of options for choosing fabric for backing and piping cushions. Can’t wait to get started!

Japanese ovals fabric

August 7, 2014 at 7:57 am 1 comment

Fabric find: Tiki barkcloth

I’ve been on the lookout for this one for a couple of years and finally managed to track some down! It’s a Robert Kaufman lightweight barkcloth from his long since out of print Boomerang Beat series. There’s only a limited quantity – maybe enough for three pairs of cushions – so if you love this one you’re welcome to contact me if you want first dibs!

Robert Kaufmann mambo barkcloth

May 29, 2014 at 10:04 am 1 comment

Vintage fabric find: Abstract flowers barkcloth

This is my latest fabulous vintage fabric find – a really unusual 1950s piece with abstract flowers in red, pink, grass green and bottle green with black outlines on a cloudy grey and white background. I was only able to source a short length of this one, so when I get around to transforming it into cushions there will be a very limited number. I’m thinking the backing should be in that lovely grass green colour with black and white polka dot piping.

Abstract flowers barkcloth

May 15, 2014 at 12:27 pm 1 comment

Fabric find: Pink birds

I think it’s the simplicity of the birds that appeals to me most about this Japanese cotton dobby. Let’s just say I wish it was available in other colourways than the two shades of pink I’ve seen. Those birds are pretty lovely though and the mint green and navy do counteract the pink somewhat, so maybe I’ll come around to it!

Japanese pink bird fabric

April 23, 2014 at 10:32 am 3 comments

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