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Cushions galore

Hello! Apologies for the radio silence on the blog for such a long time… It’s been a big year and now it’s almost over!

But before that it’ll be Christmas and there are lots of goodies in the Touch Wood Design Etsy store if you need to stock up for the silly season!

If you’d like to keep up with my adventures in sewing, pop over to the Touch Wood Design Instagram account.



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Big thank you

Thanks to everyone who dropped by to say hi at the GOMA Christmas Design Market last Saturday! After a sticky, humid morning we were very glad to feel the cool afternoon breeze – and see so many people carrying bags of handmade gifts!

As always, you can find my cushions over in the Touch Wood Design Etsy store and if there’s somthing you missed out on, you’re most welcome to send me a message and I can make another one for you.

GOMA Xmas Markets 2015

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Even more flower power

Red daisies this time around… or are they zinnias? More flower power for my cushion stall at the GOMA Christmas Design Market this Saturday 28 November outside the gallery at South Brisbane. The market will run from 9am to 4pm – hope to see you there!

Daisies lumbar cushion

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Think pink

More flower power for you! Got to love the clash of pink and red – I thnk this lumbar cushion is my new favourite!

You’ll find this and a bunch more one of a kind cushions at the Touch Wood Design stall at the GOMA Christmas Design Market outside the Gallery of Modern Art at South Brisbane on Saturday 28 November from 9am to 4pm.

Tulips lumbar cushion

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Pineapple season

It’s less than three weeks until the QAGOMA Store Christmas Design Market, so I’ve been busy making new stock. I’m on a roll with lumbar cushions now – there’ll be a bunch of one-off designs like this quirky pineapple one at the Touch Wood Design stall. Hope to see you there!

Pineapples lumbar cushion

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Summer lovin’

While it is technically still the first month of Spring here, our weather has taken a distinctly summery turn this week – which got me thinking about summer cushions! These Hawaiian girls ones are now back in stock in the Touch Wood Design Etsy store.

Hawaiian girls blue cushions

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Pretty lacework

When I was cleaning up my sewing room recently, I found this long since out of print Amy Butler fabric, along with some matching sky blue fabric. I’ve been making an effort to search out unfinished projects and tick them off my list, so in the interests of completeness here is the very last pair of cushions in this pretty lacework design.

Amy Butler lacework cushions

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Spring has sprung

A little something to celebrate the new season – I’ve been working on the last full-sized pair of cushions in this lovely Japanese cherry blossom barkcloth. They’ll be available in my Etsy store just as soon as I’ve had a chance to photograph them.

Japanese cherry blossom barkcloth fabric

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Along came a wombat

I love it when customers ask me to create a little something special… This Australian wombat postage stamp cushion is headed for Canada – for an Aussie expat who is apparently obsessed with wombats!

He turned out to be very cute, wouldn’t you agree?

Australian wombat stamp cushion

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Making smiles

Here’s another pic from the GOMA markets – a Kenyan friend was chuffed to discover I’d made a stamp cushion from his country! It’s always so much fun seeing people’s faces when they find meaning in something you’ve made!

If you went to the markets, but you’re having Cushion Regret, you can make amends with a visit to the Touch Wood Design Etsy store which is now back up and running.

Nobel with Kenyan lion stamp cushion

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