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Cushions galore

Hello! Apologies for the radio silence on the blog for such a long time… It’s been a big year and now it’s almost over!

But before that it’ll be Christmas and there are lots of goodies in the Touch Wood Design Etsy store if you need to stock up for the silly season!

If you’d like to keep up with my adventures in sewing, pop over to the Touch Wood Design Instagram account.



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Big thank you

Thanks to everyone who dropped by to say hi at the GOMA Christmas Design Market last Saturday! After a sticky, humid morning we were very glad to feel the cool afternoon breeze – and see so many people carrying bags of handmade gifts!

As always, you can find my cushions over in the Touch Wood Design Etsy store and if there’s somthing you missed out on, you’re most welcome to send me a message and I can make another one for you.

GOMA Xmas Markets 2015

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Roll up, roll up!

One last cushion to go on the big stack ready for this Saturday’s QAGOMA Christmas Design Market – outside the Gallery of Modern Art at South Brisbane from 9am to 4pm. It’s our biggest market yet, with 40 stallholders. Hope to see you there!

Austn wombat royal_sml

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Even more flower power

Red daisies this time around… or are they zinnias? More flower power for my cushion stall at the GOMA Christmas Design Market this Saturday 28 November outside the gallery at South Brisbane. The market will run from 9am to 4pm – hope to see you there!

Daisies lumbar cushion

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21st Century gal

It might have taken a few years, but Touch Wood Design has officially moved into the 21st Century and you can now follow more of my adventures pictorially via Instagram – you’ll find me under ‘’. Here’s the link:


And if you’re in the market for some last-minute Christmas presents, you’ll find plenty to choose from over in the Touch Wood Design Etsy store. If you’re in Brisbane, I’m happy to arrange in-person pick-up or delivery with an insert included in lieu of shipping so you get them before Christmas.

Stack of cushions

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A fabulous way to spend the day

If you’re looking for something to do on this Easter Sunday that doesn’t involve copious amounts of chocolate and hot cross buns, Absolutely Fabulous at Woolloongabba is open today and they have a stack of my vintage fabric cushions along with all their other goodies. I’m told lots of other shops in the vintage precinct are open too. It’s always good for a Sunday morning browse!

Vintage cushions at Absolutely Fabulous
Image courtesy of the lovely ladies of AbFab.

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What to do…

I’ve been wondering what to do as a reward for having such a successful day at the markets and I thought I might call on the blogosphere for a second opinion. I could…

(a) get stuck into Christmas orders because, after all, if it’s worth doing, it’s worth overdoing

(b) get myself the bike I’ve been talking about getting for ages – I love the shiny red and cream one pictured below

(c) down tools and go see the new Bond movie

(d) make myself a new frock

(e) go shopping for a new sewing machine (I recently worked out that mine is 19 years old and I think I’ve lost count of the workarounds I’ve developed to overcome its little niggles)

(f) all of the above!

Suggestions most welcome!

Schwinn bike

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Every cushion needs a loving home

I love hearing stories about my cushions going to good homes. Apparently last weekend a mother and daughter were out shopping when they saw me drop off my big bags of new cushions to Absolutely Fabulous – and they went back inside and bought the vintage rickshaw ones. That has to be some kind of record for me – they lasted just seven minutes in the shop before they left for their new home!

Also among the new batch were these caramel spot bark cloth cushions, which I haven’t made for a while…

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Look what the postman dropped off

Yesterday Mr A called me to say he thought the postman had dropped off two children in big blue Royal Mail bags on our front porch…

Luckily there was something different inside – all the back issues of Selvedge that I didn’t have! In case you haven’t come across it, Selvedge is a really rather wonderful magazine dedicated to textiles in fine art, fashion, interiors, travel and shopping.

The Selvedge ladies were really lovely and just let me order the ones I was missing, so I didn’t have to have double-ups. It’s going to take me months to read them all so I’ll have to share some of the special things I come across as I go. I thought about starting at Issue 00 and reading them chronologically, but then I noticed Issue 20: The Scandinavian Issue and Issue 9: The Re-Issue, so maybe not!

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